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Our People-Centered Training and Development Programs

We help organizations meet the demands of a 21st century workforce with our people-centered RISE (Retain, Improve, Support, and Empower) approach to training and development. We do this by providing in-person and virtual training solutions that empowers and engage today’s frontline healthcare workforce to meet their talent potential.

We provide tailored training solutions that can be personalized to address the specific training needs of your workforce, all while harmonizing seamlessly with the overarching mission and values of your organization.



Wellness Empowerment

Stay Ahead Of The Talent Shortage


Lower employee turnover rates, absenteeism, and workforce onboarding costs.


Employee engagement, morale, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction.


Employee professional development by strategically aligning your workforce. 


Managers with communication training to help build high performing teams.

About us

Who We Are

DB Elite Group is a veteran-owned workforce training and development company that helps organizations increase employee engagement, retention, and morale of its workforce. We offer training and development programs that align with your organizational goals and meets your workforce training needs.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Esteem
  • Becoming Culturally Responsive
  • Critical Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Trustworthiness
  • Commitment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Teamwork                 
  • Communication
  • Confidence Ethics

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Dwayne Bourgeois

Dwayne Bourgeois


Dwayne is the Founder and President of DB Elite Group, LLC, a company a veteran-owned workforce training and development company that partners with healthcare organizations to improve employee engagement, retention, and morale of frontline healthcare workers.

Before starting DB Elite Group, Dwayne served in the Marine Corps for 23 years. He spent a large part of his service on recruiting duty where he provided guidance to veterans interested in creating military career pathways.

After his honorable discharge, Dwayne went on to serve as the Director of Veteran Services for a community college in Maryland. He worked tirelessly on behalf of veterans to provide transitional support services, including training, internship, and employment opportunities that prepared them for the civilian workforce.

When Dwayne is not busy advocating on behalf of veterans and dislocated workers, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, working on his doctoral studies at the University of Phoenix, or golfing and traveling in his spare time.



Lead Trainer

 Ymine is an independent consultant with over 15 years of healthcare experience in organizational development, training and project management. He has led training programs with Ochsner Health Systems in New Orleans and has worked with numerous large health systems around the country.

His expertise and passion for adult learning theory has made him one of the premier trainers in the healthcare space.

Ymine is a military veteran and retired US Marine. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Human Resource Management.



Why Healthcare Workers Are Disengaged?

Why Healthcare Workers Are Disengaged?

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